Tillamook Bay Sturgeon Fishing Charters

Tillamook Bay is a beautiful location for fishing. Sturgeons are often caught within the bay, and there are many charter services available to take you out on the water. The experienced captains know where to find these fish, so they can ensure that your trip is successful. Let’s explore more about sturgeon fishing in Tillamook Bay.

Why Sturgeon Fishing in Tillamook Bay is Great

Tillamook Bay is one of the premier locations for sturgeon fishing in Oregon. Additionally, Sturgeons are considered anadromous fish species, which means they live most of their lives in rivers or estuaries before migrating to the open ocean or sea for short periods. Here are some reasons why should go sturgeon fishing in Tillamook Bay:

Sturgeons are an essential part of Oregon culture

Sturgeons are historically significant. They have been around since prehistoric times, and their fossils can be found all over Oregon. As such, they form an essential part of the local ecology in Tillamook Bay.

Exceptional Tillamook Bay Sturgeon fishing charters

Tillamook Bay is full of sturgeons that you can catch year-round. Whenever you’re ready to make the trip, charter services filled with knowledgeable and friendly captains are available to take you out on the water while ensuring your safety and fishing experience is not compromised.

The Bay is Full of Sturgeon Fishing Opportunities

Tillamook Bay is home to thousands of sturgeons. These fish are often found throughout the bay and can be caught in rapid moving tides during spring months.

They are a large fish

Sturgeons can grow to massive sizes. Besides, Tillamook is renowned for having sturgeons measuring up to 10 feet long and weighing approximately 800-1,000 pounds. Typically, if you catch one, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Specific Seasons for Sturgeon Fishing

Tillamook bay is home to some of the best sturgeon fishing opportunities in Oregon. The fish are best caught during the Spring months when the water temperature rises, and tides are strong.

Everything You Need to Know About Fishing for Sturgeon in Tillamook Bay

Sturgeon is a fascinating fish species that you can fish in Tillamook Bay. While planning out on a sturgeon fishing expedition in Tillamook Bay, here are the crucial things to understand:

Sturgeon Fish Appearance

Avid anglers consider sturgeons anadromous. This means they live most of their lives in rivers or estuaries prior to migrating to the open ocean. These fish can grow to huge sizes, weighing up to 1,000 pounds and measuring 10-12ft. If you are lucky to catch one, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Sturgeon Fishing Gear

Sturgeons are large fish and difficult to catch. Therefore, you should use exceptional fishing gear. Anglers often catch these fish using large fishing rods and reels with a line strength of 30 to 60 pounds. Also, use large baits when targeting these fish.

Sturgeon Fishing Seasons in Tillamook Bay

Sturgeon fishing in Tillamook Bay is best during the Spring months. These months include April and May. However, you can also find them in December and January, the Winter months.

Sturgeon Fishing Laws and Regulations in Tillamook Bay

Sturgeon fishing laws and regulations in Tillamook Bay require anglers to catch and release Sturgeon as a way of protecting them.

Furthermore, anglers are required to release them safely and in a manner that will not harm their physiology. You are also entitled to only target the largest ones when fishing for sturgeons in Tillamook Bay.

Common Techniques Used to Catch Sturgeon in Tillamook Bay

Sturgeons are massive, powerful fish that put up a fight before you can catch them. Anglers often rely on big baits to catch them, and they also use large fishing rods and reels with line strength of 30 to 60 pounds. Here are some of the standard techniques that anglers use for sturgeon Fishing in Tillamook Bay:

Chumming with herring to attract Sturgeon

You can increase your chances of catching sturgeons by throwing various forms of herring into the water, such as frozen and fresh herring, to attract them. Once you have drawn them, they will grab the bait and pull out your catch immediately.

Using live bait

Using live bait such as mackerel or anchovy is also a great way to catch sturgeons. These fish usually go after live bait, and anglers often notice their bites. You can also use lighter fishing rods and reels to avoid injuring your catch.

Drifting along the bottom of Tillamook Bay

When sturgeons are not chasing herring, they may be found at the bottom. You can use a fishing rod with a fixed base to capture them while they rest.


Anglers prefer using large lures fitted with treble hooks to increase their chances of catching them while drifting or trolling. Lures such as Black Bart and Zara Spooks are great options for sturgeon fishing in Tillamook Bay.

Why Choose Tillamook Bay for Your Next Guided Sturgeon Fishing Trip

Sturgeon fishing in Tillamook Bay is a great experience, and you do not want to miss it. Furthermore, you can charter services or hire a guide at various fish-hiring stations in the area to ensure your sturgeon fishing experience is safe and enjoyable.

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