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Astoria Dungeness Crab Fishing Charter

The typical size of a Dungeness carp is 20 centimeters, and even so, it is popular seafood. In the States and the Pacific Northeast, the Dungeness is a typical delicacy and is commercially important. There are festivals held in place for the Dungeness crab, particularly during the Seafood Festival in Port Angeles, in Washington. Let’s take a closer look.

Why Dungeness Crab Fishing in Astoria is Great

First of all, the Dungeness crabs near Astoria are available in plenty. Second, whether you are a novice or a beginner, you’ll get helpful Astoria Dungeness Crab charters to help you with anything you need. From equipment, to guidance, fishing company, to whatever help you may need to make your trip worthwhile, Astoria charters will help you out.

And not to forget how scenic the coastal regions of Astoria are. It’s a perfect get away for you, family and friends. And nothing would make that experience greater than topping it up with some crab fishing.

Best Time to Fish for Dungeness Crab in Astoria

The best time to go crab fishing is either in the morning or an hour before sunset. Cool conditions and little light-that’s the trick.

Best areas to Trap Crabs

The best place for catching this kind of crab is in sandy to rocky sea-beds, mainly on the eel-grass. The Dungeness tend to dwell here since they have security from their other predators. The crabs also move towards the shore when the tide is changing from low tide to high tide. It would be beneficial to refer to a tide table. The Dungeness is found in water about 300 feet deep, but you can catch them in water between 55 and 85 feet deep when the tide is low.

Fishing for Dungeness Crabs the Right Way

You will likely need a license for recreational fishing, and in some cases, you’ll have to track your catch on a records card. Depending on the place, it is not uncommon to check the size limits of your catch and how many crabs you get to keep. If you’re doing recreational fishing, catch and release is the norm, though you do need to pay attention to the rules of retaining the crab claws.

Choosing the Right Astoria Dungeness Crab

Catching the right crab is always the goal. So if you are using a pot, you can check whether the crab is male or female and if they are full-grown or not. The female has a wide belly, while the male crabs have a little belly. Once you spot a female, throw it back into the ocean. The males are bigger and meatier.

Measuring Mature Dungeness Crab Using a Caliper

To confirm the maturity, measure out the crab using a caliper, and if it is smaller than six and a quarter inches, it isn’t fully grown. You have to be careful in this process as you don’t want to be clawed orbit while measuring. You’ll know that you’ve made a good Dungeness catch when it has a golden-toned leg and is not white and soft. If not, toss the crab back in as it might still need time to grow back into its new shell.

Dungeness Crab: Little Facts…

In both Canada and the United States, the Dungeness crab is considered a delicacy. Experts state that the flesh has a delicate and slightly sweet flavor, making it a favorite for many. About a quarter of the crab’s total weight is meat.

The mating for female crabs happens after they have molted, which is usually between May and August. It takes about several months for the eggs to hatch, of which, for about three to five months, the eggs remain attached to the female’s abdomen.

Astoria Dungeness Crab

Common Techniques Used to Catch Astoria Dungeness Crab

Using Chicken or Turkey Legs as Bait

To catch Dungeness, you need good bait. What most people typically use chicken or turkey legs. One has to put one leg in each pot, ensuring that the meat is secured so the crab can’t make away with the bait.

Using Crab Pots

To get the perfect catch, you will need a line that is about 100 feet deep. Once your pots are in the water, give them an hour or two for them to catch as many crabs as possible. Having a turkey leg is better if you leave the pot in the water for more than an hour. Once the time lapses, go about picking your pots and ensure that you don’t disturb others.

You can pick them using your hand or a crab puller to get the Dungeness onto your boat. Remember to turn off your boat’s engine to prevent the line from getting wrapped around the propeller.

Hook and line

Don’t have a crab pot? You can use a hook and line to fish for crab as well. You can put a chunk of meat on the fishing hook and let the line down to where the crabs are. Crabs don’t swim and dwell on the ocean floor, so your line has to be long enough to reach the bottom of the sea or river. The downside of this kind of fishing is that you can only get a crab at a time, but that’s not a problem if you’re looking for a quick meal and don’t have a freezer at hand.

Why Choose Astoria for Your Next Guided Dungeness Crab Fishing Trip

For the most part, catching the Dungeness crab in the Astoria waters is a passive activity. This makes it both a relaxing and exciting activity, depending on how you approach it. With the right bait and pots, you can spend your time fishing for other species as you wait for the crabs to reach for the bait. Or just chill and enjoy the beautiful scenes Astoria as you wait.

The Astoria Dungeness Crab charters are also known for the services guaranteeing a great fishing experience. Whatever you decide, remember to respect the regulations, as this kind of crab can quickly go extinct. And we don’t want that. Enjoy.

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