Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing Charters

The Columbia River is home to the largest population of White Sturgeon and Green Sturgeon in the world. Every year this fantastic fishing hotspot attracts tourists from all over. However, catching them can be difficult. Let’s explore more about Sturgeon fishing in the Columbia River.

Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing Charter

Why Sturgeon Fishing in Colombia River is Great

Although 8 states on the Pacific coast offer sturgeon fishing, the Columbia River is the largest production area of Sturgeon. Therefore, you should Sturgeon fish in Colombia because:

Variety of Sturgeon Fishing Opportunities

With so many fishing opportunities available, you could be lucky to catch a White Sturgeon or a Green Sturgeon.

You Have a Chance to Catch a Record-sized Fish

The Columbia River hosts a variety of record-sized fish. With 100’s of miles of intertidal areas where Sturgeon like to feed, you are guaranteed to find a record-size Sturgeon weighing over 800lbs and 10ft long.

Exceptional Sturgeon Fishing Guides

Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing Charters are highly experienced and knowledgeable. They also charge affordable rates while ensuring you maximum trip benefit.

Everything You Need to Know about Fishing for Sturgeon Near Columbia River in Oregon

For years, these giants of the Columbia River have lain in wait for anglers to come and catch them. Even though Sturgeon fishing can be a daunting task, here are the primary things to understand about fishing for Sturgeon in the Columbia River:

Timing and Location

The Columbia River is one of the most popular places to fish for Sturgeon. The best time to go sturgeon fishing in Colombia River Oregon is from November through the third week of July.

Gear and Tackle

Light to medium action 4/0 – 6/0 spin tackle with 15-20lb test line are perfect for sturgeon fishing in the Colombia River. Today, this species is protected under the Federal Endangered Species Act and catch, and release is the only way to fish for them.

Bait and Fishing Technique

Sturgeon love live bait, particularly baits like herring, trout, or salmon eggs. Worms also work great if rigged properly.

Common Techniques Used to Catch Sturgeon in Columbia River

Catching Sturgeon along the Colombia River requires accurate presentations. Regardless of whether you are fishing in low or high light conditions, it must be precise. Here are the commonly used techniques:


Drifting is one of the simplest ways to fish for Sturgeon in Oregon. Live bait anglers prefer placing their fish finders in the water and let the current pull and boat drift while they slowly troll or fast troll through the selected fishing circumference. Alternatively, you cast jigs if drifting allows this kind of movement.


Trolling is another highly effective way to catch Sturgeon in the Columbia River. It involves getting a boat to move at a steady or constant speed while presenting baits in the water column. When trolled correctly, Sturgeon will attack your offering from below. This explains why this technique works so well.


Anchoring is the easiest way to fish Columbia River for Sturgeon. You only need to anchor your boat up current or down current of your desired fishing area and wait for fish to arrive.

Although it’s not as exciting as other techniques, anchoring does have its benefits, especially if you want to catch several large fish within a short period.

This allows you to use more complex presentations since there are no distractions or interruptions that would take away from them.

Columbia River Sturegon Fishing Charters


Jigging involves repeatedly moving your rod up and down while reeling in. This helps keep your line at a manageable tension where you can re-bait your hook whenever needed. The trick is to make sure the length of time you let the jig fall back into the water column never exceeds 6 seconds.

Top Water Fishing

This technique helps you get Sturgeon out of their hiding places where they like to hide around structures, woody debris, reef formations, and sunken trees along the river’s shoreline.

As soon as something comes close to this structure, it will sense it and try to find out what has bumped into its lair or environment. Throw in some noise or light movements on top of that, and you have yourself a successful catch.

Casting Live-Bait into Holes and Hiding Areas

Casting live-basting into holes and hiding places is one of the most effective ways when targeting larger Sturgeon in the Columbia River. Since these fish feed on smaller fish, it makes sense to hide in areas where they can easily ambush their prey without being detected. These include rock piles, sunken trees, and river structures.

Find a good spot and cast your live bait into this area. Don’t wait too long before you set your hook once you get a bite or a bump from a giant sturgeon because any hesitation will result in losses.

Why Choose Columbia River in Oregon for Your Next Guided Sturgeon Fishing Trip

Sturgeon is a species worth targeting in Columbia River, Oregon. Moreover, they are highly prized due to their size and fighting abilities. However, the catch and release policy in many states limit anglers to keep them. If you do catch any Sturgeon in the Columbia River, ensure you document it well in photos and measurements. Then release it back into the water in a manner that will minimize injuries, stress, or harm to them.

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