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The steelhead trout is an anadromous coastal rainbow trout native to North America in areas including Portland. The fish spawn in freshwater, and right after, or when they hatch, they make their way to ocean environments. These kinds of fish spawn during the summer or winter, something to keep in mind when planning your guided Portland steelhead fishing trip.

Now, let’s see what males Portland the best Steelhead trout fishing location in Oregon and what you need to make your trip successful.

Why Steelhead Trout Fishing in Portland is Great

Three things: opportunity, quantity, and size. Portland has some of the best Steelhead trout fishing charters ready to give you your next best guided trip. Why? They have the best equipment, trained personnel, experts in fishing for this specific fish, and last but not least, the best fishing company you’ll ever get.

But that’s not all. There’re several spots in Portland to catch the Steelhead trout and the fish are big and available large quantities.

But why the Steelhead trout? Seafood lovers appreciate the steelhead trout because it is milder and less fatty than its salmon counterpart. It is overall healthier and has sustainable benefits and equally people who are not a fan of the fishy flavor in their seafood. You can also either sever the fish hot or cold; either way, it makes for quite a delicacy.

Everything You Need to Know about Fishing for Steelhead Trout Fishing in Portland, Oregon

The Best Time to Catch Steelhead Trout

Anglers share that their best steelhead catches are usually in April and peak around May, going through to the summer months of June and July. You’ll catch smaller steelhead trout in late summer into early fall too.

Where to Get the Best Steelhead Trout in Portland

Fishing in the lower Willamette River has proven to give anglers fantastic runs. What’s even better is that you can still catch an impressively sized steelhead trout from the bank. Well-known spots to provide you with a great catch during the summer are Meldrum Bar and Clackamette Park, both located at the mouth of the Clackamas River.

Steelhead Trout Fishing During Winter

During winter, you can fish for steelhead upriver, where they make their spawning runs. They mostly settle close to urban areas, making it convenient for those living or traveling to this area. You can get two types of trout, those with a clipped adipose fin that ought to get released immediately after and the rest that you can keep for dinner.

Equipment to Bring with you During Steelhead Trout Fishing

The steelhead rods are more expensive compared to their salmon rods counterparts. Aim to get an eight and ½ foot rod that passes the 8-12-pound test line for a medium to heavy action. The experienced anglers opt for the bait casting set-up instead of the spinning set-up.

Other Spots to Fish for the Steelhead Trout in Portland

Hatchery fish from Eagle, Dog, Clear, and Foster Creeks get released to join the river, and you can get these during the winter months. You can gain access to this fish when the Clackamas water is both high and muddy. Other spots are High Rocks, Riverside Park, and River Mill Dam.

While still in Portland, you can fish for steelhead trout in The Columbia River, Sandy River Molalla River, Santiam River, and Hood River.

Common Techniques Used for Steelhead Trout Fishing

Anglers can adopt various fishing techniques to catch the steelhead. Whatever you pick, you must spend time in the water to become a good angler. Don’t always run to the hot spots but explore other areas to hone your patience and fishing skills. Equally, your bait needs to be near the bottom of the river as that’s where the steelhead fish feed for the most part. Let’s look at the techniques you can otherwise employ.

Drift fishing

In this approach, you bounce the bait near the bottom of the river floor. To achieve that, you need weights, but not so heavy that they can’t drift along with the current based on where you’re anchored. While this is the most used technique to catch steelhead in the Portland area, you have to be patient, as understanding the fish behavior is not always straightforward.

Bobber and jig/bait

If you’re a beginner and not keen to get into a drifting boat or canoe, you can select a deep spot by the shore. How this works is you have a weighed bait or jig with a floating bobber that you the leave to drift in the current. How do you know you’ve caught a steelhead trout? The bobber will either dive or wobble, letting you know you’ve caught something.


Unlike the bobber bait, another great technique for beginners is having a spinner bobber that remains stationary near the bottom of the water. This approach is best when you’re fishing in high currents. When the steelhead trout is swimming about or isn’t relatively stationary, this fishing technique is convenient as the steelhead trout will bite when they see the bait.

Fly fishing

Here, you use a single or double-handed rod and swing flies in the current. Otherwise, an indicator/nymph rig is just as good to let drift near the bottom. This technique is not easy but can be equally rewarding in landing a decent-sized steelhead trout.

Why You Should Choose Portland for Your Next Guided Steelhead Trout Fishing Trip

Steelhead is a delicious fish, and there’s plenty of time during the year when you can catch and release or serve it on your plate, whether hot or cold. And there’s no better place to do this than in Portland. It’s the perfect habitat for the Steelhead Trout, making it the ideal fishing spot.

With the right fishing equipment and technique, you can make a catch worth remembering for a fun memory to remember with friends and family if not for social media. But with a great Portland Steelhead Trout Fishing charter, your experience becomes even better: more hassle-free, fun, and filled with learning opportunities.

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