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The Dungeness crab is among the famous seafood in America. It’s often enjoyed during the summertime because it seasons well with lemon and butter. Also, it combines well with warm spices like cumin or curry powder. But did you know that there are certain varieties of Dungeness crabs that can only be found on the Oregon coast? Furthermore, if you’re not interested in catching your own crabs at Tillamook Bay, boat tours are available to take you out into the bay for up-close fishing for these fascinating crustaceans.

Why Dungeness Crab Fishing in Tillamook Bay is Great

Dungeness crab fishing in Tillamook Bay has several benefits if you’re thinking about taking up this kind of sport. Here are some of the reasons why Dungeness Crab fishing is excellent along Tillamook Bay:

Great Place for Sustainable Species

Tillamook offers favorable breeding and reproducing grounds for Dungeness crabs. Furthermore, their high reproduction rate allows a healthy number of them to be caught without diminishing their population. This also makes it easier for locals to catch enough crabs for local consumption.

Ideal Feeding Ground

These crabs have a voracious appetite. Their diet usually consists of an assortment of fish, shellfish, and even decayed meat. As such, Tillamook Bay provides an ideal feeding ground for these crabs because of the diverse food resources available.

Ideal Habitat

Dungeness crabs are most abundant during summer due to migration patterns. This is also the best time of year for Dungeness crab fishing in Tillamook Bay because this is when their meat is sweetest. Whether you’re a local or visiting the Oregon coast, Dungeness Crab fishing is always an excellent choice of activity.

Perfect Spots for Fishing

Tillamook Bay offers a spectacular spot for Dungeness crab fishing. Thus, not only is it an excellent activity for those who want to enjoy bountiful seafood, but this also provides the perfect opportunity for those who simply want to have fun catching these crustaceans!

Provides Fishing Grounds for Tasty Dungeness Crabs

While your catch will depend on nature and the type of bait you use, crabs in Tillamook Bay are known to be some of the best-tasting crabs you’ll ever find.

This also makes it possible for locals to create their own crab recipes and sell them around town while at the same time earning a livelihood.

Everything You Need to Know About Dungeness Crab Fishing in Tillamook Bay

Dungeness crab fishing in Tillamook Bay is a principal activity. This means there are several essential things you should know before you take up this kind of sport. They include:

You Need a Valid Fishing Permit

Before embarking on your Dungeness crab fishing trip, ensure you obtain a valid fishing permit and crabbing license. You can acquire the licenses and approvals from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife before going out on the water.

Remember to Bring the Necessary Bait and Tackle

Ensure you carry the necessary bait and tackle when heading out on a Dungeness crab fishing trip in Tillamook Bay. Crabbing pots can be baited with a number of different things including bread, fish carcasses, and chicken etc.

For your tackle, you’ll need a wire mesh, a long-handled net, and some weights to sink your net into the water properly.

Find the Right Spot for Fishing

There are several recommended spots for Dungeness crab fishing in Tillamook Bay. However, each site is subject to different conditions, such as wind speed and water current speed.

A good idea is to check the weather before going out on a trip to determine which spots would be perfect for your activity. As seasoned veterans of crabbing in the Tillamook Bay, we know all the best spots to drop our crab pots.

Beware of Marine Safety

While it’s great to enjoy yourself while fishing, safety should always be your number one priority. Thus, you must take all reasonable precautions to avoid hurting yourself while out on the water.

Ensure you wear proper gear and protective clothing while fishing in Tillamook Bay just to be safe.

Common Techniques Used to Catch Dungeness Crab in Tillamook Bay

Different methods are used in catching Dungeness crab in Tillamook Bay. Some of the standard techniques include:

Wading into Shallow Water and Drop Your Net

This technique is ideal for shallow water fishing because it lets you wade into the water and find crabs close to the surface. This can be a perfect technique for beginners because it’s easy to master and allows you to avoid using heavy tackle.

Standing on the Shores

This technique is ideal for shallow waters or spots where there are strong currents. The method involves standing on the shoreline and letting your net sink close to the bottom.

Using a Boat

This is the technique that we use when we take you on a fishing charter. The most common practices are to drop crab pots in the morning and go back for them in the afternoon. Since we have fished these waters for decades, we know the best spots to fish. Using GPS coordinates, and buoys tied to the pots, we can go back and retrieve the pots that we have been placed deep in the bay. Several different baits can be placed in the cages, but we have found salmon carcasses to work wonders!

Using Dragnets

Dragnets allow you to catch several crabs at once. Furthermore, the technique is ideal for deep waters and when you intend to catch giant crabs. This is a technique that the commercial crabbers sometimes use.


Why Choose Tillamook for Your Next Guided Dungeness Crab Fishing Trip

Dungeness crab in Tillamook Bay is an excellent activity for fishermen of all backgrounds and skill levels. However, you should have some basic knowledge about crab fishing in Tillamook Bay before setting out on your trip.

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