Kayak Fishing Hotspots In and Around Portland


Portland, Oregon, known for its lush greenery, vibrant culture, and stunning waterfront, offers a kayak fishing experience like no other. With its numerous rivers, lakes, and coastal areas, the city and its surroundings provide ample opportunities for anglers to explore diverse aquatic ecosystems. Whether you’re a seasoned kayak angler or just starting out, here are some of the top kayak fishing hotspots in and around Portland.


Kayak Fishing Hotspots In and Around Portland


Willamette River

Willamette Slough - Oregon Kayak Fishing

The Willamette River is the lifeblood of Portland, winding its way through the heart of the city. Its calm waters, interspersed with the occasional riffles, make it an ideal spot for kayak fishing. The stretch between downtown Portland and the Sellwood Bridge is particularly popular. Here, you can find an array of fish species, including smallmouth and largemouth bass, trout, salmon, and sturgeon. The picturesque backdrop of the city skyline adds to the charm of this fishing experience.


Columbia River Gorge

A short drive east of Portland, the Columbia River Gorge is a paradise for kayak anglers. The river’s wide expanse offers ample room for exploration, and the gorge’s dramatic cliffs and waterfalls create a breathtaking backdrop. The Gorge is known for its abundant salmon and steelhead runs, making it a prime destination for those seeking a challenging and rewarding fishing adventure.


Trillium Lake

On Trillium Lake looking at Mt. Hood and vise versa : r/kayakfishing

Located about 60 miles southeast of Portland on the slopes of Mount Hood, Trillium Lake is a serene, high-altitude fishing destination. This picturesque lake is surrounded by lush forests and offers a peaceful setting for kayak anglers. It’s stocked with rainbow trout, making it an excellent spot for beginners and families. The calm waters and stunning views of Mount Hood make for an unforgettable fishing experience.


Hagg Lake

Situated just west of Portland in the Tualatin Valley, Hagg Lake is a popular destination for kayak fishing enthusiasts. This large reservoir provides ample opportunities to hook a variety of fish, including bass, trout, catfish, and crappie. With multiple access points and a serene natural setting, Hagg Lake is an excellent choice for a day on the water.


Nehalem Bay

Explore hidden marshland of Nehalem River on kayak tour

For those looking to explore the coastal waters, Nehalem Bay offers a unique kayak fishing experience. Located about 80 miles northwest of Portland, this estuary is known for its abundant salmon and steelhead runs. The protected waters of the bay make it an accessible option for kayakers of all skill levels, and the surrounding scenery is nothing short of spectacular.


Sauvie Island

A short drive from downtown Portland, Sauvie Island is a haven for nature enthusiasts and anglers alike. Surrounded by the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, it provides a diverse range of fishing opportunities. Whether you’re interested in freshwater fishing for bass and trout or prefer to try your hand at saltwater species like sturgeon and salmon, Sauvie Island has it all.


Tips for a Successful Kayak Fishing Trip

Portland Kayak Kingfish | Rob Maya | Australian Lure Fishing

– Check Regulations: Always be aware of local fishing regulations, including catch limits, seasons, and any special rules for specific bodies of water.

– Safety First: Prioritize safety by wearing a life jacket, checking the weather forecast, and informing someone of your fishing plans.

– Pack Essentials: Bring along necessities like a first aid kit, plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen, and a fully charged cell phone in a waterproof bag.

– Respect the Environment: Practice Leave No Trace principles and respect wildlife. Be sure to dispose of any trash properly and avoid disturbing sensitive habitats.

– Plan Ahead: Research the specific water body you plan to fish in. Familiarize yourself with the layout, potential hazards, and the types of fish you’re likely to encounter. This will help you prepare the right gear and bait.

– Anchor Strategically: Use a kayak anchor to help you stay in a desired spot, especially if you find a productive fishing hole. This allows you to focus on fishing rather than constantly paddling to maintain position.

– Stay Quiet and Low Profile: Fish are sensitive to noise and vibrations, so try to minimize unnecessary movement and keep conversations to a minimum. A low profile on your kayak can also make you less visible to the fish.

– Use Polarized Sunglasses: Polarized sunglasses help reduce glare on the water’s surface, allowing you to see beneath the surface more clearly. This can be a game-changer for spotting fish and structure.

– Stay Mindful of Tides and Currents: If you’re fishing in coastal areas or estuaries, be aware of the tides and currents. They can affect your kayak’s stability and your ability to navigate effectively.

– Bring a Fish Finder: Consider investing in a fish finder. These handy devices can help you locate underwater structures, drop-offs, and concentrations of fish, greatly improving your chances of success.

– Practice Catch and Release: If you’re not keeping the fish, practice catch and release to help conserve local fish populations. Handle fish with care, minimize stress, and release them gently back into the water.

– Pack for Comfort: Ensure you have a comfortable seat and ample padding. Long hours on the water can become uncomfortable without proper support.

– Stay Hydrated and Snack Smart: Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially on warm days. High-energy snacks like nuts, trail mix, and energy bars can help keep your energy levels up during a day of paddling and fishing.

– Learn Knots and Rigging Techniques: Knowing how to tie various fishing knots and rigging techniques can be invaluable. It allows you to quickly change lures or setups to adapt to different fishing conditions.

– Clean Your Gear After Each Trip: Saltwater or freshwater residue can damage your gear over time. Rinse your kayak, fishing equipment, and clothing thoroughly after each trip to prevent corrosion or deterioration.


Wrapping It Up

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With its diverse array of water bodies, Portland and its surrounding areas offer a kayak fishing paradise for anglers of all levels. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of a big catch or simply looking for a peaceful day on the water, these hotspots have something for everyone. So, grab your paddle, gear up, and get ready to embark on a kayak fishing adventure you won’t soon forget!

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