The Optimal Times for Coho and King Salmon Fishing on the Columbia River


The Columbia River, a majestic waterway stretching through the Pacific Northwest, is renowned for its thriving salmon populations. Anglers flock to its banks in pursuit of the coveted Coho and King salmon, two iconic species that offer thrilling fishing experiences. However, successful salmon fishing is often influenced by the timing of the fishing expedition. Understanding the best times to fish for Coho and King salmon on the Columbia River is crucial for a rewarding angling adventure.

Chinook Salmon Fishing on the Columbia River



When to Go Coho Salmon Fishing on the Columbia River

Coho salmon, also known as silver salmon, are a popular target for anglers due to their acrobatic fights and delicious flesh. Timing is key when it comes to Coho salmon fishing. Generally, the prime months for Coho fishing on the Columbia River span from late summer to early fall. September and October are considered the peak months for Coho salmon runs. During this period, Coho salmon enter the river in large numbers, making it an opportune time for anglers to cast their lines.

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Coho salmon tend to be more active during the early morning and late afternoon hours. These low-light periods coincide with their natural feeding behavior and offer anglers a higher chance of success. Additionally, overcast days can also be advantageous, as the cloud cover reduces the visibility of fishing lines and lures in the water.


When to Go King Salmon Fishing on the Columbia River

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King salmon, also referred to as Chinook salmon, are the largest and perhaps the most prized of the salmon species. These majestic fish provide a formidable challenge to anglers, with their immense size and strength. When planning a King salmon fishing trip on the Columbia River, the timing revolves around their annual migration.

The best time for King salmon fishing varies slightly from that of Coho salmon. Prime King salmon fishing months on the Columbia River typically span from late spring to early summer, with May through July being the most productive. During this time, King salmon begin their upstream journey to spawn, making their way through the river in impressive numbers.

As with Coho salmon, King salmon are more active during low-light periods, preferring dawn and dusk for feeding. Additionally, monitoring water temperatures can provide insight into their movements. Warmer water temperatures often encourage King salmon to migrate upstream, offering anglers a higher likelihood of encountering these prized fish.


What to Consider When Coho and King Salmon Fishing on the Columbia River

Several factors can influence the success of Coho and King salmon fishing on the Columbia River, two of which are:


River Conditions

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One critical aspect is the river’s water levels. Monitoring river flow and understanding how it affects salmon behavior can guide anglers in selecting the best fishing spots.


Weather Patterns

Local weather patterns also play a significant role. Paying attention to weather forecasts can help anglers plan their fishing trips during periods of stable weather. Rapid changes in atmospheric conditions can impact fish activity and feeding behavior.


Coho and King Salmon Fishing Tips

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Embarking on a Coho and King salmon fishing expedition on the Columbia River is a thrilling endeavor that requires a blend of timing, technique, and insight. To maximize your chances of a successful catch, it’s essential to equip yourself with effective strategies tailored to the distinct behaviors of these prized salmon species.


Coho Salmon Fishing Tips

  • Timing is Key: Coho salmon are most active during the early morning and late afternoon hours. These periods coincide with their natural feeding patterns, presenting ideal opportunities for angling success. Target these low-light hours to increase your chances of hooking a Coho.
  • Embrace Overcast Days: Overcast weather conditions can work in your favor when fishing for Coho. Cloud cover reduces visibility in the water, making your fishing gear less conspicuous. This can lead to more confident strikes from Coho salmon.
  • Explore Different Techniques: Coho salmon are known for their aggressive nature, making them receptive to various fishing techniques. Experiment with drift fishing, casting spoons, and trolling with lures. Vary your presentations to entice Coho in different ways.
  • Match the Hatch: Pay attention to the prevalent baitfish and insects in the area. Select lures and bait that closely mimic the food sources Coho salmon are currently feeding on.


King Salmon Fishing Tips

  • Understand Migration Patterns: King salmon embark on their upstream migration during specific times of the year. Plan your fishing trip around their annual journey to maximize your chances of encountering these majestic fish.
  • Optimal Months for King Salmon: Late spring to early summer, particularly the months of May through July, are prime times for targeting King salmon. During this period, they are actively moving upstream for spawning, presenting abundant opportunities for anglers.
  • Temperature Awareness: Keep an eye on water temperatures. Warmer water temperatures often trigger King salmon to migrate upstream. A rise in water temperature can signal the arrival of King salmon, so position yourself accordingly.
  • Use Robust Gear: Given the size and strength of King salmon, use medium to heavy fishing rods and reels to ensure you can handle their powerful fights.
  • Choose Bait and Lures Wisely: King salmon can be discerning in their choice of bait. Experiment with various bait types, including herring, anchovies, and spinners, to determine their preference on a given day.
  • Be Patient and Persistent: King salmon can be selective and may not bite immediately. Maintain your focus, and be prepared to invest time into your pursuit.
  • Consider Fishing Charters: If you’re new to salmon fishing or want expert guidance, consider booking a fishing charter. Experienced captains can provide valuable insights, enhance your technique, and increase your likelihood of a successful catch.


Wrapping It Up

The Columbia River presents an excellent opportunity for anglers to engage in thrilling Coho and King salmon fishing. Understanding the distinct migration patterns and behaviors of these two salmon species is essential for maximizing fishing success. Whether it’s the fall Coho run or the summer migration of King salmon, aligning your fishing expedition with the optimal times and conditions will greatly enhance your chances of a memorable and rewarding catch.

If you’re still on the planning phase of your Coho and King salmon fishing on the Columbia River, don’t forget to contact us now and book your chartered trip!

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