Crab Capital Chronicles: Unveiling the Best Crabbing Spots in Astoria


Welcome to the Hook ‘Em Up, where we share your comprehensive guide to the top crabbing spots in Astoria, Oregon. Nestled along the picturesque shores of the Columbia River, Astoria boasts a rich maritime heritage and an abundance of crabbing opportunities. Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover the hidden gems where crab enthusiasts can cast their pots and reel in a bounty of delicious Dungeness crab.


Best Crabbing Spots in Astoria

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The Pier at the Port of Astoria: A Crabber’s Paradise

The Port of Astoria’s iconic pier offers prime crabbing opportunities for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Drop your pots from the pier’s sturdy railing and wait patiently as the gentle currents of the Columbia River attract hungry Dungeness crab. With easy access, ample parking, and stunning waterfront views, the pier at the Port of Astoria is a crabber’s paradise waiting to be explored.

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Smith Point: A Secluded Sanctuary for Crabbing

Escape the crowds and discover the tranquil waters of Smith Point, a secluded sanctuary favored by local crabbing aficionados. Accessible by boat or kayak, Smith Point offers a serene setting for crabbing adventures amidst lush marshlands and winding channels. Drop your pots in strategic locations along the shoreline and prepare to be rewarded with a plentiful catch of succulent Dungeness crab.


Youngs Bay: Crabbing Haven with Scenic Views

Venture further inland to Youngs Bay, a picturesque estuary renowned for its abundant crab populations and stunning natural beauty. Cast your pots along the bay’s meandering channels and tidal flats, where Dungeness crab thrive in the nutrient-rich waters. With panoramic views of the surrounding wetlands and distant mountains, Youngs Bay offers a crabbing haven like no other.


Tongue Point: Where Crabbing Dreams Come True

Tongue Point | Outdoor Project

Tongue Point beckons crabbers with its promise of abundant catches and idyllic surroundings. Nestled at the confluence of the Columbia River and Youngs Bay, Tongue Point offers a perfect blend of sheltered waters and productive crabbing grounds. Drop your pots near submerged structures and underwater ledges, where Dungeness crab congregate in search of food, and prepare for a crabbing adventure of a lifetime.


Hammond Marina: Gateway to Crabbing Excursions

Situated just a short drive from downtown Astoria, Hammond Marina serves as the gateway to crabbing excursions on the Columbia River. Launch your boat from the marina’s convenient ramp and venture into the expansive waters of the river, where Dungeness crab await. Explore hidden coves, navigational markers, and underwater structures as you seek out the best crabbing spots and reel in a bounty of delicious crustaceans.


Astoria Riverwalk: Urban Crabbing Adventure

 Embark on an urban crabbing adventure along the Astoria Riverwalk, where bustling waterfront activity meets abundant crabbing opportunities. Explore the docks and piers lining the riverfront, dropping your pots into the depths below. With convenient access to amenities and stunning views of the Columbia River, the Astoria Riverwalk offers a unique crabbing experience in the heart of the city.


John Day Boat Ramp: Launchpad for Crabbing Expeditions

Head to the John Day Boat Ramp for a crabbing expedition that promises excitement and adventure. Launch your boat into the expansive waters of the Columbia River and set course for prime crabbing grounds. Navigate the river’s channels and tributaries, dropping your pots in strategic locations where Dungeness crab congregate. With ample space for parking and easy access to the river, the John Day Boat Ramp is the perfect launchpad for crabbing excursions.


Fort Stevens State Park: Crabbing Oasis by the Sea

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Escape to the natural beauty of Fort Stevens State Park, where a crabbing oasis awaits by the sea. Explore the park’s pristine shoreline and tranquil estuaries, dropping your pots in search of Dungeness crab. With miles of coastline to explore and abundant wildlife to admire, Fort Stevens State Park offers a serene setting for crabbing enthusiasts to immerse themselves in nature’s bounty.


Skipanon River: Hidden Gem for Crabbing Enthusiasts

Discover the hidden gem of the Skipanon River, a lesser-known crabbing paradise waiting to be explored. Navigate the river’s winding channels and marshy shores, dropping your pots in search of Dungeness crab. With its secluded setting and rich biodiversity, the Skipanon River provides an intimate crabbing experience away from the crowds.


Warrenton Boat Basin: Gateway to Crabbing Adventures

Launch your crabbing expedition from the Warrenton Boat Basin, the gateway to endless crabbing adventures on the Columbia River. Set sail from this bustling marina and explore the river’s vast expanse, dropping your pots in search of prized Dungeness crab. With its convenient location and full-service amenities, the Warrenton Boat Basin provides everything you need for a successful crabbing outing.


Astoria-Megler Bridge Fishing Pier: Elevated Crabbing Experience

Experience crabbing from a unique vantage point atop the Astoria-Megler Bridge Fishing Pier. Perched high above the Columbia River, this elevated pier offers panoramic views and excellent crabbing opportunities. Drop your pots from the pier’s railing and enjoy the thrill of reeling in Dungeness crab while soaking in breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscape.


Astoria-Megler Bridge Jetty: Surfside Crabbing Adventure

The Cannery Pier Hotel and Astoria-Megler Bridge | The Hotel… | Flickr

Head to the Astoria-Megler Bridge Jetty for a surfside crabbing adventure unlike any other. Cast your pots from the rocky shoreline and let the gentle waves of the Pacific Ocean carry them out to sea. With the majestic Astoria-Megler Bridge as your backdrop, enjoy the thrill of crabbing amidst the stunning coastal scenery of the Pacific Northwest.


Best Crabbing Spots in Astoria: Conclusion

As the sun sets over the tranquil waters of the Columbia River, the Crab Capital Chronicles come to a close, leaving you with a treasure trove of knowledge about the best crabbing spots in Astoria. Whether you’re dropping pots from the pier at the Port of Astoria, exploring the secluded waters of Smith Point, or casting off from Hammond Marina, Astoria offers endless opportunities for crabbing enthusiasts to indulge in their passion and savor the bounty of the sea. So grab your crab pots, bait your traps, and set sail for an unforgettable crabbing adventure in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.